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Flying Dust Control System for Tablet Press

Application & Process :

The Dust Extractor unit is used for controlling dust in process of Tabletting and packing. The unit strongly recommends the use of dust control equipment with all Tablet press and De-duster.

Dust laden air enters the collector through an expansion chamber, where heavy dust particles are deposited by gravity. The fine dust passes upwards through single large orifice and is finally collected by filter. There is an effective snap action shaking mechanism for shaking filter and dust is deposited into drawer type tray. There is a large door for changing filter bag and cleaning of the machine.

Salient Features :

  • Design is cGMP – Current Good Manufacturing Practices compliance.
  • All contact parts AISI 316 & non contact parts AISI 304.
  • Easy to connect all types of Tablet press and De-Duster.
  • Dynamically balanced blower.
  • Easy mobility.
  • Also we designed special type dust collector and extractor as per customer requirement.
Technical Specifications :
PDE – 150
Suction Capacity
150 cfm
300 cfm
1000 cfm
Filtration Area
9 sq ft.
12 sq ft.
32 sq ft.
Dust Storage Capacity
3/4 cu.feet
3/4 cu/feet
50 Liter
Electric Motor
1 HP / 0.75 kW
1.5 HP / 1.12 kW
2 HP / 1.5kW
DUST Extractor Unit-PDE- 150/300
DUST Extractor Unit -PDE 1000
DUST Extractor Unit-PDE- 150/300
DUST Extractor Unit -PDE 1000